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Best Casino Games for Beginners

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February 27, 2023

The casino game is one that is loved and played by millions of people all over the world and even if the world has gone digital and people now prefer to play the casino games from the comfort of their home online, there are people who still prefers to play in land based casinos. Most people play the casino game for fun, while some play both for entertainment and making money as well. However, as a beginner, your intention might be to make money from playing the game hence, you need to ensure you not only master the act of playing the game, but you also need to know the best casino games for beginners. The fact is some of these casino games are easier than you think, while some can be very challenging, and as a newbie, you need to go for the easier games so you don't feel intimidated by old casino users. 

Visiting a casino as a newbie means you get to meet various players who are eager to make more money and some who are there for fun, so you should expect to meet people from all works of life but if you can't face the crowd as a newbie, then you can play your games online. Most of the casino games found in land based casinos have now been converted to online casino games, hence that easy game you want to play in the land bases casino can also be played online. Furthermore, if you are a beginner when it comes to casino games, you need to learn a lot of things like the chances you have and how to handle them, making your budget and how to turn things to favor you in the casino. Also, if you would like to take things one at a time, there are some casinos that are best for beginners which will be listed below.

Best Casino Games to Make Money

There are various casinos which you can walk into for a game, however, there are several casino games where you can make money even as a newbie and have a big chance on it.


This list cannot be complete without mentioning the blackjack. As a beginner, it is one game you can play to make money. The rules to playing the game is simple and once you master the game, play blackjack, it will be easier. The game is also available online and you exploit various ways of playing the game and even if you are first timer, you will end up playing like a pro. The game has various strategies and each casino has their laid down rules of playing the game, hence, if you want to make money through the blackjack, you need to study the rules of the casino you are playing and also learn the various strategies in playing the game.


The first game on our list is the roulette game. It is highly appreciated and loved by both professionals and beginners. It is simple and very thrilling to play and that's what attracts most players to the game. Your winning the roulette game is determined by the ball and all you need to do is predict the number the ball will fall on when you spin. All you need do after spinning is to hope that the ball falls on the number you chose so you can become a winner, its that simple. Furthermore, the roulette wheel online games comes with a low house wedge which means you have a 50% chance to win any bet you placed on either red or black numbers. However, choosing a single number means you will walk away with a huge payout but you have a slim chance of winning the game. Therefore as a beginner, the roulette game is one of the best casino games for beginners that you can play and stand a chance of winning and making money. 


Baccarat is another interesting casino game that is easy to play. Although, most newbies are not familiar with the game, but if you can practice the game, then you can as well make money from it. It is an easy card game that opens up lots of winning chances unlike other casino table games. It's major aim is to predict the hand that will come out with the highest score. You can as well play a tie bet which means you win either way.

Slot Machine

The slot machine game is a very popular and coon casino game and to some people, their night at the casino cannot be complete without a game of slot machine. The game is friendly for beginners and involves a simple way of playing by pulling the lever and waiting for the result. However, even though the game is simple, the outcome is not one that can be predicted. You can also make money from the slot online malaysia because you can be lucky to win a jackpot.

Best Payout Casino Games

Knowing how rampant casino games are, there is a need to know the best payout casino games before hoomh ahead to play the game not like sport betting. The casino games have different return rates but before you start comparing the various return rates, it is essential to know the payout percentage. The payout percentage is the money paid to winners of a casino game. In order to make things easier for you, we have listed out the best payout casino games that you can play.


First on our list is the baccarat game that has a total of 98% payout rate. Asides from the fact that the game is an interesting one with standard rules that ensures that the RTP is constant, its payout rate is also on the high side. 


Blackjack Is another interesting game that brings out your skills and can be considered to be a game of luck. It gives you the chance to always increase your variance and gives you a better chance of winning the game. What makes it more interesting is its payout rate. It is safe to say it has the highest payout rate because it has a total of 99% payout rate. 


The casino roulette game is also one of the best payout casino games with 96% payout rate. Ao aside from the fact that it is easy to operate and have a steady RTP, it's payout rate is also very juicy. So whether you are constantly placing a bet on red or blue numbers or you are spreading your bet with the hope to win, the payout rate is one that you can't afford to miss out on. 


Craps might not be one of your favorite games, but is is also one of the casino games with a payout rate of 97%. The strategy involved in playing the game makes it quite easy to win and the high payout rate is also very attractive.


Here is another interesting casino games that has become quite popular among gamblers. It comes in various variants like the five card stud and three card poker. The poker online game needs you to put in your skills into the game and as a good player, you also get good payouts rate whoich is at 97%. Furthermore, there is also the video poker with a payout rate of 95% and here players are not allowed to play against themselves. 

Scratch Card

This is another casino game with a payout rate of 80%. The game happens to be the best casino games you can play, because it doesn't need any strategy or effort to win the game. The game can be played in few seconds and it is very addictive.


Casino games are a great way to unwind after a hard day and even though most casino players are rich kids and are only playing for the fun of it. However, even if you started visiting the casino as a guest that wants to be entertained, isn't a bad idea but sooner than you expect, you will also be eager to play the game because it is very addictive. But as a beginner who has the intention of making money, you need to know the best casino games you can play that will fetch you more money. However, using our above list will place you in the right direction. Also, you need to put the payout percentage into consideration and know if you should play the game or not. It is for this reason that we also listed out the best payout casino games online. 

Therefore, before you dive into playing casino games, you news to do a thorough research on the casino and various games they have. Go ahead and look for games that has high odds and high payout percentage which also come up with promotion online casino and ideas on how you can play the game and also win. If you don't put all of these into consideration, you might not win and you might also end with a game that has low payout rate. 

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